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To Read or Not to Read

“A Dyslexic Does Not Need to Learn to Read to Succeed” – An individual who is dyslexic made this statement. The following is a different perspective on that statement:

Dyslexia is not just about reading. If the term dyslexia is confusing, we could use a different term – a visual-spatial learner (VSL) out of control, especially concerning symbols. A VSL may have difficulties with decoding, reading fluency, comprehension, auditory processing, spelling, handwriting, math, sequencing, easy frustration level, and/or time management – all or a few of these areas will be affected. It is rarely a difficulty with decoding or reading fluency alone – what we understand when we hear ‘reading’. In order to better evaluate a person’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to ‘dyslexia’, check out this assessment. There are many reasons for this, which the Davis methods address directly. But keeping to the subject, what we can conclude is that although VSL’s may have text read to them on electronic devices, they still possess other characteristics mentioned above which affect their learning, relationships, and work performance.

So many dyslexics use their gifts and talents – intuition, creativity, imagination, etc. – to do amazing things. Yes, they succeed without being able to ‘read’. Yet when dyslexics are honored for their gifts and they learn how to use their strengths in order to correct their dyslexia, then they have those same talents and gifts with the ability to control them in every part of their lives. Experiencing the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program makes this possible in six to eighteen months. Contact Creative Learning Solutions to schedule a consultation to see how you can reach all of your goals.

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Learning How to Control the Gift: Everett learning new tools for note taking and test taking.




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