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The Strengths and Challenges of a VSL: How a CEO Makes Them Work for Him

Here is an illuminating article about a CEO, Bassoul, who has dyslexia and ADHD and uses his Visual-Spatial Learning Style to be an effective leader.

Notice how Bassoul is a great judge of character (intuition); this is one of the strengths of a Visual Spatial Learner. Also, he empowers others to do things = gives them responsibility!! Bassoul admitted that being restless and impatient caused friction with some (not matching energy dial settings – he could use some more tools!) but then it attracted other people who liked his speed (they found it easy to match his energy dial).

Part of the reason that people like this CEO are successful is because they:

  • develop an awareness of how they think and learn
  • determined what they may be missing in terms of skills or experience (establishing order)
  • are motivated by clear goals

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