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The Gift of Dyslexia, Ronald D. Davis

The Gift of Dyslexia

The Gift of Dyslexia explains the theories behind Davis® Dyslexia Correction methods and details basic procedures. Large typeface, illustrations and photographs make this book dyslexic-friendly.

The Gift of Learning, Ronald D. Davis with Eldon Braun

The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning explains the theories behind the Davis® way of understanding ADD, dyscalculia and dysgraphia and provides tools for improving attention focus, building math understanding, and improving handwriting.

Autism and the Seeds of Change, Abigail Marshall with Ronald Davis

Autism and the Seeds of Change

An in-depth look at a revolutionary approach to empower individuals with autism, and provide the understanding and tools needed to achieve their full potential. This book explores the history of development of the Davis® method, its connections to emerging scientific research, and takes the reader on a guided journey through the three phases of the program: Individuation, Identity Development, and Social Integration.