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NOIT™ stands for Natural Orientation Inducing Tool. NOIT is a learning tool that helps children and adults to master focus. It was first developed by Ronald D. Davis to support nonverbal autistic people on their path to individuation. However, this unique learning tool is useful for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to be present and attentive in any situation.


NOIT (Natural Orientation Inducing Tool)

The NOIT is available only through licensed Davis® facilitators, including Michele Siegmann of Creative Learning Solutions.

Using the NOIT can improve:

  • Maintaining focus and attention
  • Following instructions
  • Social skills
  • Receptive and expressive language skills
  • Balance and eye/hand coordination

How is the NOIT used in Creative Learning Solutions?

A client may try out the NOIT while experiencing a Davis® Attention Mastery Program, a Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners, a Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program, or a Davis Autism Approach® Program. The client may wear the NOIT when desired. Some clients choose to purchase a NOIT for themselves while others only use it while actively engaged in a program. Many clients use the NOIT when going back to school after a vacation, while taking tests or attending meetings, or during work to maintain orientation.

“I love my NOIT. I can turn it on when I want. I don’t have to go to the principal’s office to write tests anymore. I can just concentrate while I am in class!” (Matthew, age 10)

“My daughter is blossoming using the NOIT. The benefits are so far reaching. We had no idea.” (Cathie, mother of 10 year old Paige)

“Discussions with my wife are easier with my NOIT. We don’t fight about money anymore. And my golf game has improved too.” (Brock, age 41)

NOIT™ is a trademark of Ronald D Davis. Visit to learn more about NOIT.