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Central Auditory Processing Disorder

I often work with families who have received the label of “Central Auditory Processing Disorder” for their son or daughter. Experts are usually very good at explaining what this disorder entails but not as specific about the type of help this child will need.

Generally speaking, people with APD intermittently experience an inability to process verbal information. When people with APD have a processing failure, they do not process what is being said to them. They may be able to repeat the words back word for word, but the meaning of the message is lost.

What sort of help would benefit this child? The fact that the problem is intermittent brings disorientation to mind, as disorientation (when one does not get the true facts from one’s environment) is brought on by confusion. At other times when the individual is not confused, he can process verbal information.

Davis Orientation Counseling® gives the learner tools to do these things. And when the ‘failure’ or disorientation occurs, it is the meaning of the words that is missing; Davis Symbol Mastery® enables the learner to link together and master the meaning of the word with the sound of the word and the spelling of the word.

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