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Diagnosing Autism and Other Disorders of the Mental Realm

Diagnoses or Symptoms?The following is a podcast of an interview with Steve Hyman concerning Physical versus Mental Labels. If you are conflicted about the way that the psychiatric world categorizes diagnoses, this talk may interest you. Creative Learning Solutions agrees with Steve Hyman that a single process may be causing diverse symptoms. For example, a person diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder most likely has a root issue that is manifesting itself in these ways. In addition, disorders according to the DSM have rigid and arbitrary thresholds that do not take into account age, cultural differences, or academic level. We address the root problem – lack of individuation, disorientation and the life concepts missed while disoriented  – and the diverse symptoms respond just as the leaves of a plant would respond to the ‘root’ being fertilized.

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